12 Jun 2002 blueeyedpop   » (Master)

progressing on the IsoPOD. I built 6 state machines, each controlling an r/c servo. The servos follow a sine curve, and are enabled and disabled by i/o port lines. I wanted to see how fast could crank up the speed the state machines got processed, so I cranked it up to 500 times through the machine chain a second. I was able to manage over 27,000 floating point operations a second. This speed didn't crash the foreground.

Very impressive, 6 servos running independently, with no processor intervention required. Updating at 50hz, the natural rate of the pwm for servos, with 10 bit range, gave really nice smooth sine motion.

because they're multitasking in the background, I could change the values in their count and increment registers in the forground via hyperterminal.

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