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Been a while since I have written here now. I have added huge amounts on the site since last here. One really interesting person I had the good luck to meet was Hiroshi Ishiguro; the creator of the world's first android.

It was an incredible experience. I did not get to physically see the working model but I did get to be a part of a group of 50 people who were priveleged to listen to him talk about it. We did get to see movies and photos. One of the memorable movies was of the android "Repliee Q2" in a restaurant conversing with other people at a table. It was not obvious which one was the android. The conversation was realistic. The facial expressions and response was very human. Really very incredible. When you click on the hyperlink to go to my site it will ask you to login. easy. If you don't have an account just Click on the button "Create New account". Give yourself a username and passowrd. The site will then send you an email where you will need to confirm your email address by clicking on the link. Click here to go to look at articles and movies about the android. (Repliee Q2).

If for some reason the link does not take you to the right place type in the following URL, <http://bettscomputers.com/moodle/course/view.php? id=5> after logging on to http://www.bettscomputers.com/moodle

I still have all the old pages on Robotics and sensors etc... as well.

I am just adding a lot of new material into the moodle pages

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