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My Robotics tutorial pages are growing. I am just a school teacher trying to provide the best information that I can to my students. I am trying hard to build up the information and quality of the information that I am providing. My pages ( http://bettscomputers.com/roboticsystems.htm ) are open to anyone to view and I welcome any help in new information. I have some general robotics pages (small but gradually growing but information not readily available anywhere else) and an interactive course on robotics (only new but growing). I would like to add a wiki to the course page and encourage anyone to add to it. I also have a photo gallery where people can post photos of the robots. I am posting this weblog here because I have a great respect for this site and its members. I would like to be able to provide the type of information not provided elsewhere. For example what are the different types of sensors? how do you connect them? What are actuators? How do you connect them and program them? Basic stuff but just not provided elsewhere. The links are:

Free interactive Computing tutorials open to all

Robotics Page

Free Robotics course work and wikis (where your help would be appreciated)

robot photo gallery: where you can add your photos

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