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I have been upgrading information on my site. I have added in more onformation on a range of topics. There are two sections to the site which I am going to merge eventually

http:// bettscomputers.com/roboticsystems.htm

most of the stuff is here http://bettscomputers.com/moodle/course/vie w.php?id=5&topic=all

Unfortunately the navigation lacks and you really need to examine all the links. Gradually I am fixing it. I would appreciate any feedback you can. Also if anybody wants to write any articles to add in it would be good. I intend to put more links to videos and articles which people have written in Robots.net Anyway feedback would be great. perhaps you feel there is a topic which really needs to be covered. let me know. graham_betts@yahoo.com

10 Jul 2006 (updated 30 Sep 2007 at 23:25 UTC) »

I must say, I really do feel humbled by the brilliance of many people at this site. There are so many brilliant minds here that I find my offerings to be very small by compariosn however I do offer the new work that I have added to my site in the hope that it will help in the general understanding of robotics.

I have added some new charts and statistics from the international federation of robotics on the growth of robotics in various sectors. It makes interesting reading. There are also links to the original pdfs that the charts were taken from Robotics Course

I have been upgrading my site. I feel that it is much easier to navigate now. I have also included many new notes on a range of topics in robotics. I have included new notes on actuators, sensors, types, uses and Robots in Movies

http://bettscomputers.com/moodle/course/view.php? id=5&edit=off

Have a look and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate any ideas, suggestions, corrections etc... I would really like to improve the information to my students. Also If you want me to put links to your site I can also do that but you would need to reciprocate and put a link to my site before you email me.

email me at graham_betts@yahoo.com

10 Apr 2006 (updated 10 Apr 2006 at 05:31 UTC) »

Been a while since I have written here now. I have added huge amounts on the site since last here. One really interesting person I had the good luck to meet was Hiroshi Ishiguro; the creator of the world's first android.

It was an incredible experience. I did not get to physically see the working model but I did get to be a part of a group of 50 people who were priveleged to listen to him talk about it. We did get to see movies and photos. One of the memorable movies was of the android "Repliee Q2" in a restaurant conversing with other people at a table. It was not obvious which one was the android. The conversation was realistic. The facial expressions and response was very human. Really very incredible. When you click on the hyperlink to go to my site it will ask you to login. easy. If you don't have an account just Click on the button "Create New account". Give yourself a username and passowrd. The site will then send you an email where you will need to confirm your email address by clicking on the link. Click here to go to look at articles and movies about the android. (Repliee Q2).

If for some reason the link does not take you to the right place type in the following URL, <http://bettscomputers.com/moodle/course/view.php? id=5> after logging on to http://www.bettscomputers.com/moodle

I still have all the old pages on Robotics and sensors etc... as well.

I am just adding a lot of new material into the moodle pages

12 Dec 2005 (updated 12 Dec 2005 at 06:39 UTC) »

I have continued to add more materials to my site. I have many more resources now at:


You will need to login first. If you don't have a login just create one and give yourself a password. You will need to confirmyour details by click on a link in the email which will be sent. Then copy and paste the above link and it will take you to the robot page. Feel free to look around the rest of the site at the same time.


I am still adding pages to my website on robotics. I now have a page that explains the various sensors and how they work with some great links to a variety of robots at NASA including Jason II that helped find Titanic etc... Check out these pages:




There is also heaps more stuff on my interactive learning page on Robotics. Interactive Learning on Robotics

Hello everyone. Not specifically robotics but I thought you might be interested in talking with a chatterbot: Hal: The chatterbot. It uses AI to simulate a conversation. At this stage I have not taught it anything. Please have a chat.

I have added a lot more to my AI pages. I will be going back to my robotics pages shortly.

I just wanted to let people know that besides my new robotics pages I have just put up some new pages about AI.

Artificial Intelligence Pages Start here You will find that there is a contextual menu which will lead to further pages.

I am also still keen to have people add to the wikis on the robotics interactive learning site. It would be great for you to be able to share some of your knowledge so that school students can have a better understanding of robotics.

Free interactive Computing tutorials open to all

Robotics Page

Free Robotics course work and wikis (where your help would be appreciated)

robot photo gallery: where you can add your photos

My Robotics tutorial pages are growing. I am just a school teacher trying to provide the best information that I can to my students. I am trying hard to build up the information and quality of the information that I am providing. My pages ( http://bettscomputers.com/roboticsystems.htm ) are open to anyone to view and I welcome any help in new information. I have some general robotics pages (small but gradually growing but information not readily available anywhere else) and an interactive course on robotics (only new but growing). I would like to add a wiki to the course page and encourage anyone to add to it. I also have a photo gallery where people can post photos of the robots. I am posting this weblog here because I have a great respect for this site and its members. I would like to be able to provide the type of information not provided elsewhere. For example what are the different types of sensors? how do you connect them? What are actuators? How do you connect them and program them? Basic stuff but just not provided elsewhere. The links are:

Free interactive Computing tutorials open to all

Robotics Page

Free Robotics course work and wikis (where your help would be appreciated)

robot photo gallery: where you can add your photos

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