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Well, the new site design for www.robotx.8m.com is up! One of my goals this summer is to completly revamp the site to include a whole lot more info... I've compiled quite a bit of cool robotics stuff from different sources and I want a decent site to showcase them at.

Once re-designed, the site will have three major sections: Inspiration, Information and Instruction. These "Three I's" represent, I think, the three major sectors of all of the robotics info out there... using this seperator should make the site easier to use than just cramming all sorts of stuff in without catagories!

Still, there are bigger and better robotics sites out there, of course, so RobotX will concentrate on showcasing my robot projects, and also be primarily for robot projects , that is, actual step-by-step documentation of somebody's own robot project and not just general information.

Sort of on the same note... I have applied to be an editor for the open web directory project DMOZ.org in the robotics catagory... we'll see if they accept my application.

In other news... I downloaded the trial version of MobotSim, which is a robot-navigation and control simulator. I didn't (yet) get into the BASIC-styled programming, but ran some included demo programs and played with the environment and the robot... Very cool! At some point, I know I'll have to write some navigation software of my own. This program gives me an idea of how my robot can and should navigate and quite aptly demonstrates robot nav rules and common problems. It's worth checking out... found it at www.mobotsim.com if you need to know. Fun tip: Stick the entire maximum of 72 sensors on the bot and see it crunch. I think I'll stick to two.....

Wow... I wrote a lot. I really hope somebody is interested in my ramblings.

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