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My website, www.robotx.8m.com detailing my George mobile robot project and containing other interesting info is now under "update reconstruction".

I plan on re-designing the site to make it more intuitive and easier to find information... and then cram it full of that information. I've noticed that there is a lot of interesting robotics information to be found on the Internet, but the problem IS finding it. Through my site, I hope to consolodate some of the cool robotics things I've found over the years and make them available to others. Now if only some people would discover my site!!!

As for my George mobile robotics project itself, me and my partner plan on completing the new drive train this summer (details will be posted to the new site), and also finally integrate all of our evil plans for world domination... er... gadgets... onto our platform. Armed with the money from a new summer job, we can hopefully get this thing exploring my house before too long!

---Ben DeKraker



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