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The robot pet is the only pet to hav as in native china the robot is a wannabe pet and the dog is favourite food along with other.Only out of date people keep mammal as pet and no have robot instead.Robot pet is the dreamof us all because brilliant and the dog is food in china and good.Robot are the main objective in this world to rid suffering of creatures that are not right to fight for themselves.I do not really beleive in meat eating beleive it or not and i know vitamins and others veggys substitute and so if the demand for human tissue to eat does not exist and replaced by robot friends then the cruel meat market and animal food go and all will be good.ROBOT ONLY.

THe machine rise above as is intended all to see.The robotic intelligence is next and it has endless possibility for all in world.The machine rise....rise......rise..... and we are all happy as we no worries when all is free and robotic and our bodies can be changed with robot parts (YES T5 YOU ARE GOOD).i AM not talking about lickle kits but the goodness of robot future.i am glad now i have heard others that know,like me,the robotic human person is the future bliss.

the roboticstrends.com is all u may need to progress as it is very good with information and may show you the real vital need for robot in the world now,i like it aswell as this.

27 Dec 2003 (updated 2 Jan 2004 at 20:26 UTC) »

Frank mcneil you r clever and good.

24 Dec 2003 (updated 2 Jan 2004 at 20:28 UTC) »

Pleas promote Frank McNeil as he very clever and good for you.

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