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Decisions! Do I take a soldering class in the hopes that it covers some surface-mount techniques, a welding class to broaden my skill-set, or a machine shop class to start milling my own hardware.?.

I'm actually leaning toward none-of-the-above and focusing on finding people with the skill-sets in Ottawa to play with ideas as a group...

The December issue of Circuit Cellar has an interesting article on MEMS Gyroscopes, not to be confused with the MEMS Accelerometers you can get free samples of directly from ADI.

These open up some interesting options for personal UAV design, namely measuring Yaw Motion. Pitch and Roll can be captured by accelerometer, relative to the gravity-down vector.

I love this Robotic Origami thing!

I've been playing around on paper (if you'll pardon the pun) with Origami Robotics. Very basic stuff, but the general idea is to use Origami folding techniques as the joint+actuator; when you pull the edges toward each other, the joint moves...

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