10 Aug 2004 anttch360   » (Observer)

Yesterday It was fourth of July all over again, My partner in crime Gerald, accidently shorted 120V AC to Ground! After the blinding sparks were gone and a few smoldering wires. The PLC looks to be unharmed and my relays were still intact. Thank God!

Oh let me tell you about my little adventure to Radio Shack! Now I know there not the brightest technicians in the world. So before I left my house I printed up a picture for them of the relay I wanted. I told him when I got there what I wanted and gave him the print out. He look at it and walked over to where the relays where at and gave me the relay I wanted! Then he look at me and ask, "What are relays?" :rolleyes: So, I explain what they were used for and what not. He look at me with a blank face, turned around, then turned and faced me again. He asked, "Do you own a Cell Phone?" I almost busted out laughing.

As for my robot arm, our relay design to solve our problem is working 100%.

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