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Oh, the next meeting for Robotics Society of Southern California will be on Aug 14. I plan on busting out my wallet and paying the $12 membership fee. I suspect Fred will be doing the same. They're supposed to have mini sumo competitions at the end of each meeting, but Fred told me last time they didn't have one. Guess I'll have to ask around to see what's up. Since, Fred and I want to build our own custom mini sumo.

For my first robot arm project, Fred and I just found out that the PLC that we are using only puts out 120V AC. Which is fine for our hand motor but our two other motors (base and arm) are 12V DC. Our teacher never bother telling us this... So now we are gonna use two 120V AC relays to switch on and off a power supply of 9V batteries, which would power the DC motors.

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