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30 Jul 2006 (updated 30 Jul 2006 at 12:31 UTC) »

Hi, I have made a H-Bridge with zener diodes for 1 DC motor, you can make 2 though. Steps: 1. Get a motor and a battery. 2. Get 2 zener diodes and a CMOS not gate 3. Connect a terminal to one pin of the motor 4. Connect that terminal to a zener diode. 5. At the other side of the zener diode put a 10M resistor. 6. Then add the input of a not gate to the end of the 10M resistor. 7. Connect the output of a not gate to the other pin of the motor. 8. Connect another terminal to the zener diode, resistor and not gate like steps 1 to 7 but reverse the pins on the motor so that if one pin is high the other is pulled low.

This has not been tested but I think it will work. Bye, Andrew

How do you post robots on this website on the robots page?

Im trying to post every day, I recently put 2 lcd's on my robot and am using an H-Bridge to control 6 motors, any suggestions? Pictures coming soon.

This is my first entry for my new account, i'm building a robot with 2 levels (1 for wiring and 1 for lcd, speaker etc.) It has a speech chip and 2 basicx microcontrollers, the speech ship is a devantech sp03, does anybody have any ideas to control it?

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