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I just got a Basic ATOM microcontroller, does anyone know how to use it with a Devantech SP03 Speech Chip, or with a BAsicX + sp03?

25 Aug 2006 (updated 25 Aug 2006 at 00:21 UTC) »

To botnerd, The BasicX development board has a power jack and prototyping space and there is a section on ther website for how to control a PS2 controller.

Just out of curiosity what other microcontrollers do people here use?

To botnerd, I see your point of view of the Basic ATOM but there is a servo controller for the BasicX and it would still be cheaper getting the BasicX and servo controller then getting a good Basic ATOM, although basic atom has I2C. I have a BasicX and have been annoyed lately that it does not have i2c commands.

I've added more sensors to my robot (Navigator Project). I'm still doing reasearch on them though. They should be running soon.

10 Aug 2006 (updated 10 Aug 2006 at 23:02 UTC) »

This ones for Botnerd. I suggest the BasicX microcontroller for your robotic arm. Servos are easy to control with them and its programmed in Basic so its easy to learn. Its faster than the Basic ATOM and had more memory, though Basic ATOM does have built in servo commands. Try, good luck in the navy!

I have not posted for a while but thanks to those who recommended me for Journeyer level.

30 Jul 2006 (updated 30 Jul 2006 at 12:31 UTC) »

Hi, I have made a H-Bridge with zener diodes for 1 DC motor, you can make 2 though. Steps: 1. Get a motor and a battery. 2. Get 2 zener diodes and a CMOS not gate 3. Connect a terminal to one pin of the motor 4. Connect that terminal to a zener diode. 5. At the other side of the zener diode put a 10M resistor. 6. Then add the input of a not gate to the end of the 10M resistor. 7. Connect the output of a not gate to the other pin of the motor. 8. Connect another terminal to the zener diode, resistor and not gate like steps 1 to 7 but reverse the pins on the motor so that if one pin is high the other is pulled low.

This has not been tested but I think it will work. Bye, Andrew

How do you post robots on this website on the robots page?

Im trying to post every day, I recently put 2 lcd's on my robot and am using an H-Bridge to control 6 motors, any suggestions? Pictures coming soon.

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