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18 Jun 2003 (updated 18 Jun 2003 at 12:03 UTC) »

adarshmurthy suggested that this site could service us all well if it had a chat community.

I think it's a good idea. This site already has great features for communicating ideas. Adding a chat community can make it even better.

I have a suggestion for the folks who manage this site.

Check this out:


It's a great chatting service and the basic features are free. I have it on my site and it's been great for me.

With all the brains in this robot making community I am sure there are many who might have a better chat program to suggest but this one is not bad.



A word of encouragement to all of us.

We robot makers create the future. Would you agree? Those of you who do agree with me may also know that the future can be a frustrating place. Ya know, so often we hear stories of new and wonderful technologies that will change our lives and yet somehow, when and if they appear, they never seem to meet our expectations. For example, science fiction films constantly introduce new gizmos and gadgets and far off places that we will never experience in our lifetime. Fantastic robotic toys, like those from movies such as Star Wars, are made to seem so real and life-like that one would expect them to already be here. And yet we wait.

Then we can't wait and we try to make it ourselfs.

We all know that technology is racing along at break-neck speed, yet no one person can keep up with all the developments. New terms and definitions enter the data stream each and every day. Technologies like Superconductivity, Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence are just a few of the new breed of fantastic possibilities scientists from all over the world are touting as the next big thing. We are being told of future computers capable of storing hundreds of gigabytes of information that we will carry with us wherever we go. But where does the present end and the future begin?

Well, maybe the future so begin with the introduction of something that transpires our current perceptions of how we interact with our environment. And in relation to our use of computers, that future is moving rapidly into a convergence of mediums. Television, print, press, radio and other forms of personal communication are all beginning to fuse. How we operate through and with these new technologies is still somewhat of a mystery. But one thing is for sure. Somewhere, someone will make a technology that will enable us to interact with computers as naturally as we speak face to face. Wouldn't it be far simpler just to dictate an email? Why waste time and energy typing a long document when all you'd have to do is speak? Isn't that the natural way? Talking?

The reason we don't speak to computers is because computers are somewhat impersonal objects that we use to communicate through. But all of that is about to change. The dynamic between human and computers is about to take another giant step forward. The necessary evolution in computer interaction may be just around the corner and you know what? You would never guess just what kind of shape that next stage will take. Nor what it will look like, what it will sound like or how it will feel.

Who amoung us is right now making such a thing?

Could be....Me

Could be....You

Most definatly it will be from the efforts of all of us.

Let us prepare ourself for the future and the next stage in the developments of robotic creatures.

I say push on my brothers and sisters of robot makers.

Somebodys got to create the future.

Let's make history!!

Vist me sometime ok?


12 Jun 2003 (updated 12 Jun 2003 at 03:04 UTC) »

Dear fellow robotics lovers,

I am currently in Korea in finale developments of an interactive robotic character.

I take a different approach to the application of robotics in the home. I see the merging of an imaginary character, robotics and AI to be the next step in the evolution in this field.

My background is in high tech toy, robotic research and special effect entertainment. My experience has giving me a unique prospective in which I hope to share with you all.

Please visit my website or view the short video clip on Alpha.

I'd sure like to hear from you.

Donald Dixon

Website: www.creaturebot.com

Video: http://helisaucer.freeyellow.com

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