30 Apr 2002 WhoPhlungPoo   » (Journeyer)

Last week, I finally broke down and purchased the development tools for the Cyngal line of micro controllers. They are based on an 8051 core. I was pleasantly surprised. As it turned out, it is by far one of the best development environments I have seen in a micro controller. This processor sports bookoo I/O and 25 mips to boot. In July of this year they are releasing a 100 mips version! Can't wait :)_ It's a 3V part, which is well suited to battery-powered applications. The first thing I made using this new processor was a 32-channel servo controller, it was plenty fast enough to get full 8-bit resolution on all 32 servos!

If you're in the market for something with a bit more power and flexibility than a PIC, you can get all the information and order the parts as well from www.cygnal.com

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