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Hey Tim,

How do you consider that a good news / bad news situation, I see that as a GOOD news and More GOOD news situation; I've been involved in manufacturing and what not for a very long time and fully understand how all of this works. The good news being, VIA is in the process of manufacturing the Nano-ITX and the other good news is that I will be able to get some. So what if I have to wait a little more! I would have to say that a (standardized) 4.5in x 4.5in motherboard is well worth the wait.


I periodically check the VIA site for any info on the Nano- ITX product, and finally, this very morning, the Nano-ITX is under the listed products. Could this in fact mean that we will be able to get our hands on them soon?

My new robot controller is coming along nicely; I have the TCP/IP stack up and running on the embedded hardware, just waiting patiently for those VIA Nano-ITX motherboards to become available.

I decided to used the Ethernet port to communicate with the VIA motherboard, that leaves the USB ports open for Bluetooth and 80211. Not to mention, normally the Ethernet port would be pretty useless on a mobile robot

At last, after 4 years of exciting robot building, my company is moving the facility where I work here in southern California, back east! Brrrrrr! Much too cold for me, I will remain here, although I will be unemployed some time around June, I will still be warm :)

Any ways, if any one is looking for an Electrical / Software engineer with lots of robot building experience here in the LA / Orange county area, send me an email: whophlungpoo@yahoo.com

Inspired by VIA`s Nano-ITX I started to develop a universal remote development system for robotics users; at this time I have the hardware interfacing COM object completed and I am vary close to releasing the first look at the development tools; IDE, runtime engine and miscellaneous hardware engines. The first version of the IDE / Runtime will support Pascal; subsequent releases will include Basic and C++; also if there is enough interest I will develop a Lisp version.

The DeviceIOControl object is now available for download from my site; you can get a jump start on your next PC based robot project by writing the hardware interfacing portion now! You can find the files here: http://www.roboshack.com

Tim Brown,

If your reading this post, please send me an email (jwoods@roboshack.com), I would like to talk with you regarding the VIA products.

I just finished reading Timsters Post regarding VIA; I've been following what VIA is doing very closely, with their mini-ITX footprint; with a nifty DC-DC power supply you can run their motherboards from 12V. I've created a simple test platform based on one of the mini-itx machines; the ``controller'' is currently utilizing the USB port. This is all well and good, however it would be much better if the motherboard had a CAN port on board and maybe a slightly smaller foot print.

The search for free web space continues! You would think with all the advertising sponsored sites out there you could find a decent free web provider with service that would actually work most of the time.

I think I found one that might do the job, if you get a chance, sign up for an account with www.100free.com. Their free service appears to work pretty good, lets hope they stick around for a while.

This weekend is the Grid Navigation contest at the Robot Society of Southern California held at Cal. State Fullerton, www.rssc.org: if your in the area, come on by, starts at around 12am.

RSSC Talent show and line fetch contest in October:

The Robot Society of Southern California is hosting a Robot talent show/contest, along with a line fetch contest on October 12th at Cal State Fullerton, if you are in the area, you should try to make it to this event. For more information go to www.rssc.org.

Bring your favorite robot and show it off................................

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Ira, cool micro mouse!

If your doing experiments with compasses, take a look at the Philips part KMZ51, it is much smaller than the Densmore part, you can make a compass using 2 of them set at 90 degrees, it will require 2 A/D channels from your micro controller, and 2 digital out puts. I know the KMZ51 is a bit harder to get your hands on than the Densmore part, however, they are much much much smaller. Great for mirco bots.

Also, your proximiter sensor looks kinda big, take a look at the QRD1114, they are small enough to use a bunch of them on your micro bot, they can also be configured to perform line following. You can find them at www.digikey.com, part #QRD1114-ND. Let me know if you are interested in knowing how to configure these for line following.

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