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Ever wanted to play RobotWars or BattleBots? Now you can do it on your PC! In IBM's free Robocode software you can easily program a JAVA robot and let it fight against other software Robots. It works very easily and it is really interesting and fun! You can find everything at IBM Alphaworks and in fifteen minutes you're playing RobotWars on you're PC.

Sorry! My second entry was already old news! Werner.

On May 1-5, 2002, PALEXPO-Geneva in Switzerland will host ROBO-space, the First World Robotics Fair and Exhibition.

ROBO-space - which has been designed both for the general public and for robotics professionals - will display the latest research results, scientific finding and products in a broad range of areas. These include Personal and Service robots, robots for entertainment and as a hobby, robots for education, industrial applications, robot accessories, advances in science and technology as well as robotic art.

Some of the exhibitors are: iRobot, ABB, Fanuc, Probotics, Sony, JPL, Friendly Robotics, CMU, MIT, etc. At www.robo-space.com you'll find more info.

Perhaps interesting: Robowatch Technologies in Germany is one of the first companies (maybe the first) in the world with an surveillance robot on the market. The mobile robot MOSRO-1 costs 30.000 DM (15.000 Euro) and can "see" through walls, smells smoke/gas, can identify fingerprints and more cool stuff. Take a look at robowatch.de for more information.

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