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Don't know if anyone's interested but these past few day's I've made real progress with my robot. I seem to work better in the cold rather than the heat of the summer - heat seems to bother me. Because I'm making a large robot everything is heavier so it is more awkward e.g. motor power. I have to say I'm impressed with the Alaskan robot Now that is a robot and a half.

Thanks also for certifying me (in the robot sense not my insanity!)

Been trying relays out with my circuits and found them to be easier than I thought to figure out and in order to integrate them into my project. I always seem to make a big thing about devices I'm not so sure about i.e. making them more complex than they really are. Here in the U.K. the summer is ending and I would really like to try out my robot as its solar powered and there ain't much sun here in the bleak midwinter. My project just need a final push from me to get it operational - sort of!

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