16 Oct 2006 Trilithon   » (Observer)

Having reviewed and re-reviewed my path to creating the thing, I have determined that little or no change in original design needs be done. Be that as it may, I am having problems with choosing sensors, power-patterns, and locomotion power use. Though this robot has 24v at about 9 Ahs available, I am still concerned with power consumption. Waste really bugs me. Wasted power really, really bugs me.

Thus, I am pondering power feedback circuitry. I think it is possible to pump EMF flyback into a charge circuit for my batteries, or at least a cap to drive my 5v cicuitry. This becomes more fun as I progress, and new challenges constantly present themselves. I have revolutionized this robot several times, and expect newer concept everyday. The better it becomes, the more I must restrain myself from making it even better...lol.

I guess machines really can evolve.


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