28 Sep 2006 Trilithon   » (Observer)

I think I will complete my peogrammer tomorrow. I would have this evening, had it not been for losing a couple of 3906 signal transistors which I needed. This is no big problem, but wanted to work on some programming tonight. I am using a Pic 16F877 for my primary controller, and a couple of 16x648's as slaves. I think this arrangement will give me all the power I need for this particular robot, and give me ample room to adapt and modify as needs arise.

This is turning into a very challenging and amusing project, and has been amusing so far. lots of details which I love. And it is fascinating how the more I learn of this field, the more questions come up. Having always been a person who likes multi-disciplinary works, this is really my cup of tea.

I am now considering a triangulation method of having the robot locate itself. Using three small RF transmitters. I am sure someone here has tried this before, and I would love to hear your results.


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