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Currently work on a walker design losely based on lynxmotions 4 leg walker. I started with their foot, and general idea for how the leg could bend. But from there, I've re-designed the leg and body for the application I need and because I can't affor their beutiful robots.

If you goto my link to my rocotics page, you will see the three designs i am playing with. of course I am still tinkering around with a cat chaser because, thats just fun. If I caould make a terrorist tracker mayby I could get a good contract job (wink).

Currently laid off robotics construction temporaly as I'm in China now and have yet to find everything i need. Everything is back in canada. so im spending my time reading and looking into robotics as a hobby here and the attitudes/thoughts of robotics by the average techincal person/student. So far there is a great lack or in some places compleat lack of intrest in robotics as a hobby since they havnt seen the practical aspects and results. I ve shown some material tosome and they seem to find it much more interesting. In time as the robotics age apreads around i think it will catch on here to. there are small groups that are starting to show an intrest but limited to mostly technical schools.

In the meantime im focusing my efforts on programming and reaserching current technologies. ill return to canada soon so i can play again.

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