25 Jan 2006 TravisMS   » (Observer)

Finally, FOUR months later, and with the craziness of the holidays over, and my work room clean, organized, and ready to go, I've had a chance to get to work on my electronics/robotics projects. I'm a little rusty having not done any significant work with electronics for a little while now, so I'm touching up on that. Also will be getting back to some PIC programming and getting started on a servo controller (at this point I'd rather build one than buy one - the more practice I can get going into this, the better)!

Hopefully I can make some significant progress over the next couple of months. I'll be moving this summer/fall to a new house (with a LOT more space and room for expansion), and am considering taking the couple courses I need in order to apply for a Masters program in Computer Engineering, where I'd be spending a lot more time on all of these things!

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