13 Jun 2005 TravisMS   » (Observer)

I've been wrapping up my initial designs for a hexapod walker. It will be fairly straightforward - aluminum body and legs, 2 degrees of freedom on each leg, and PIC controlled. I have a list of sensors that I want to include, although I'll begin with basic collision detection and an ultrasonic range finder (on a servo-controlled based).

I took the first step (and most costly) in preparation for the project and purchased a serial PIC programmer, PICBasic compiler, and a 16F88 so I can begin learning the details of PIC programming and capabilities. I'll be working on that for the next couple of weeks until I have some extra $$ for the servos I need, and can then begin building the servo-controller circuitry.

That's it for now - I will continue posting here as I make progress with the robot!

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