18 Jun 2003 Timster   » (Master)

After reading Donald Dixon's Diary entry "Alphabot", I thought I would take a moment to reveal a little about VIA robotics strategy. We see beyond the industrial, health and saftey and military uses for robots a future commercial use that I would say a few other companies are probably positioning themselves for as well. That use is for the robot as your single point of contact personal technology manager, assistant and filter.

We have a concept internally known as "Technology Spam" whereby added to the communications spam we know today there will be hardware spam (too many devices or "intelligent nodes" as William Gibson calls them), mulitimedia spam (too many movies, music, sports etc) and while we will want to use all of these technologies, we wouldn't want to be continually interacting with them.

An intelligent device that with some adjustable preset configurations or could act as the intermediary between you and your technology so you can use it effectively and also separate yourself from it.

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