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The Robots.net link to the article about the Rebirth of Robots fits directly in with the thinking at VIA. The story about robotics software moving to a PC interface which serves as a way to provide robots with more sophisticated feature set, more functionality, in a simpler/common programming environment for cheaper is benefit an increasingly commoditized mature PC industry brings to the robotics industry.

Very interesting was the idea that the TCO of the "Robotic Cell" was becoming drastically reduced.

"He adds that while the cost of robots is much lower, the real savings is in the cost of a robotic work cell. "Thanks to application software making it easier to set up and maintain a robotic work cell, the most dramatic price reduction is in the integrated robot cell," says Duncheon. "If you go back to the '80s, a robotic cell could cost $300, 000. Now a vision-guided robotic cell could cost less than $100,000 for the entire working cell." http://www.pddnet.com/scripts/ShowPR.asp? PUBCODE=045&ACCT=0006487&ISSUE=0309&RELTYPE=pr&PRODCODE=0000 &PRODLETT=B

Also over at www.mobilerobotics.org there was a really interesting coverage of the Village Voice's take on DARPA... DARPA needs to hire a new PR agent!

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