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Saw the Transformers movie today! Absolutely loved it! My youngest daughter Natalie went nuts watching it! She said it was like watching a Godzilla movie but the humans helped out! That's probably the level of movie that I would say it attains to also. It was a lot of fun and if you go in with that attitude, you'll like it too. If you go in expecting perfection, then you'll be disappointed as there are plenty of plot holes and goofyness but if you can look past that, you'll see it's a very entertaining movie! Both of my daughters love it, I loved it, my wife sort of liked it so I'll give it a 4.5 out 5 stars! ****. Go watch it! It's lots of robot fun!

Well, I've been at my job for a week now. I've been trying to learn and absorb all I can. Next week I'll be traveling to Oklahoma on Monday and to New York on Thursday! Wow! I can't wait to go buy a little statue of liberty souvenir! The rest of the family wants to go, but that will just be too expensive.

Cool stuff my new job has done is bought my lunch a couple of times this week, given me a dell latitude D610 laptop to take with me everywhere with sprint broadband wireless service, they said they'd pay $200 for a phone and also pay for the service. I've been drewling at letstalk.com and I think I'd like a blackberry or a sidekick or a dash or a treo etc please. So little time, so many choices! What fun!

Got my Zosia seeds in the mail. I'm going to try to grow some Zosia grass in my front yard. I'm weird so this probably won't work either. You probably remember my fiasco with trying to grow Fescue a couple of years ago if you've read my blog at all. Fescue didn't work out in my yard and there's not much left alive today. We still have plenty of weeds though! Zosia is supposed to be better for southern states and is supposed to be the holy grail of grass for around here. I got turned on to Zosia from a coworker and he showed me the website Zosia Farms. However, after I looked for reviews about them I found a lot of negative comments about them so I ordered off of ebay instead. After researching, it looks like it would be a great choice, but perhaps centipede would have been better but I think I'll be happy with my choice. So anyway we've been getting a lot of rain so hopefully my seeds will sprout. I haven't had the bird feasting on my seeds like they did with the fescue so hopefully my seeds will have a chance as long as I keep them moist. Here's hoping.

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