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Last month we bought a bunch of stuff to sell out at the Third Monday Trade Days, but alas, it Rained the whole weekend which basically means we sold next to nothing. The rain would stop so we would put our stuff back out and then it would start to rain again! We did that several times that weekend! We felt like putting out our stuff was causing it to rain! The sale was such a big flop for all the vendors! Hardly a sole came out, and if the rain stopped and they were brave enough to show up, it would start raining again and they would leave, just taunting us! We probably actually lost money on the sale if you count gas and lunch and handing out money to keep my daughters happy. Ugg. We were hoping to make a few thousand dollars instead we made zip. So that pretty much busted that. I don't think we'll ever do TMTD anymore. However, the items have been slowly selling on ebay so at least we'll probably be ok but it was so disappointing how it all turned out at TMTD for all the work we did. :'-(

I got a new job at Intrusion.com! I quit my job at JCPenney's. I was sad to leave, but the pay difference will soften the blow. I'm really happy to be back into a computer field. It's not exactly software engineering but at least it's computers. There'll be some travel, and I'll be working with a friend that goes back to my Junior High days so it sounds exciting. Hopefully, I'll still be able to say that after I've been there a few months! Perhaps now I'll have time and money! Naw! What has been nice, even if it is unrealistic is that my wife and I have been able to dream again of actually being able to buy stuff! Woo hoo! But the reality of it is more like we'll finally be able to pay of credit card debt. Which is still OK. But at least, we have hope again.

I like to take my daughters out periodically for a daddy daughter date. Usually we go out for dinner and shopping. My youngest daughter and I had been talking about the 4th of July and shooting off fireworks. I mentioned something about Diet Coke and Mentos and she got all excited and wanted to do that for our date! So we got up, went to Tom Thumb and bought about 5 different 2-liter soda bottles and a box of Mentos. My oldest daughter thought that looked like fun so she wanted in on it. So of course, my wife had to come out with her camera. So of course, I had to go back in and get my camera. First we tried the Diet Coke and one Mentos. It went up about 2 foot and died down. We were sort of disappointed. We next tried Diet Pepsi and 2 Mentos and it went like 4 foot up. So then we tried Diet Dr Pepper and 3 mentos. It went about like 6 foot up! Next we did Sprite One and 4 mentos and Natalie sort of botched it so it didn't really work right but it spewed pretty good all over the place anyway. Then last we did five Mentos and Diet Orange Soda and it went really high. We ran out of soda so we stood around and talked about wanting to do that for the 4th of July at Grandma's house instead of fireworks. We talked about doing all sorts of dangerous things sort of blowing up 2 liter bottles. Then, we remembered that we had one more bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper that Teresa had bought earlier in the week. So the girls ran in and grabbed it and brought it back out. They put like 5 Mentos in it and it must have spewed 12 feet in the air (see pic)! Oh the joy! This was pure Scientific experimentation of course! ;-)

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