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Well, we did ok at the Third Monday Trade Days last month. This month we'll try to ramp it up and sell even more stuff! We bought 720 pairs of jeans and 100 dresses some wallets and some other stuff. Hopefully, we'll make a fortune and dance and sing, "We're in the money!" and all that jazz.

What's really helped is having a sniping tool to get stuff to sell really cheap. It's like you make your money on the buy and on the sell. If you want to buy low you must have a sniping tool. I chose PowerSnipe for my sniping tool because I can use it at home and at work and also it’s competitively priced and reliable. I have a business where I buy particular items on ebay for resale. I had been using a software sniping tool that only worked on my home PC. It worked but I couldn’t input new auctions from work, I couldn’t monitor my auctions nor edit bids from anywhere but from at home, if my power went off it couldn’t snipe until I could get home and turn my computer back on. What really put a nail in the coffin for me, was that ebay changed its page layout and it broke that tool for a few weeks until an update could be made and distributed. It was frustrating and it was inconvenient and at times completely unusable! Because it started to become such a problem I decided I wanted to use a web located sniping tool. I searched the internet and even found a page detailing the differences and prices of each service. I actually tried a few other web tools before settling on PowerSnipe. The other tools charge a minimal fee but also charge an additional fee for each snipe you do. Now if you do one or two snipes a month, you won’t notice this but if you do many more you’ll realize that it gets expensive quick! Even the free snipes to refer your friends can’t help for long when you do many snipes at all. I actually began thinking of making my own sniper tool because it was looking to be so expensive! So, then I found PowerSnipe. It’s like $46 or $49? so a year or like $4 a month! That’s the least expensive of them all and there’s no per snipe fee! You just about can’t find a lower cost sniping tool! There was a 30 day trial, so I went ahead and gave it a try! I loaded it up with more snipes than I could even put into my limited home software! So many in fact that I ran out of stuff on ebay to search for! The software worked flawlessly and immediately I had won more auctions (about 4 times) than I could have before! Well, so anyway, past the honeymoon stage, it had a problem. I emailed the support team, and the same day, they had an explanation and a fix! WOW! That’s something the other software could never have done! The other company wouldn’t even respond! OK, so I had another problem. I emailed, and the same day they emailed and it turns out it was actually me and not them! I have not had another single problem with the service! I have nothing but good things to say about these guys! Wow, I’m so impressed and sold with PowerSnipe! I would super highly recommend it to anyone looking to do serious eBay sniping.

I still have all of the robots to sell out at the sale. They didn't arrive last month until after the Trades Days sale. SO, I have them for this month. This month it will be June 15th, 16th & 17th.

The Trades days is sort of an experience. My girls want to go around looking all the time for girly stuff like jewelry and clothes. My wife just wants to make money. My dad and mom want to see me do well. My dad loves to play the salesman and talks to all the customer and tries to talk them into stuff. It actually works and he's good. I'm too shy. My wife likes to take up the money from people! My daughters like to lay around and act bored. All in all it's all fun!

I can't wait to see the Transformers movie! It looks fantastic! That's on my definately must see list!

We saw Pirates of the Carabean At World's End and Shrek the Third this weekend. I'd give them both a 3 out of 5. They were entertaining and good but not like really great! So I'd say go see them but don't be like expecting a blockbuster!

I found out the robomenu became broken with the newer version of the Yahoo Widget Engine. The good news is I figured out what the problem is and I should have a newer version soon. I want to make a couple of other fixes too before I release a new version. Hopefully, it'll be ready in just a couple of days.

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