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This weekend, May 18th - 20th, I will be setting up a booth at Third Monday Trade Days! I'll be in gallery booths 9 & 10 in the upper left corner of the map. I'm sure it will be hot and all. Well, anyway, I bought a bunch of remote control robots and I'll try to sell them out there for $25 each. They're like Robosapien knockoffs. Come see me at the sale and tell me you saw me on robots.net and if there's any left I'll give you a discount!

Here's pictures of the robots if you want to see them:

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In other news, I've been having to work on my fence, cut down a tree, work on my pickup, work on my wife's car, work on stuff for Mother's day at church, work on fixing some of the stuff we bought for the sale, etc.

One thing that has been interesting is these plastic beads that melt in boiling water. You can melt them and then form a plastic part and then when it cools it's a nice hard plastic. Also, the melting temp is high enough that it can take a little heat so it shouldn't melt in a hot car or something like that. It seems perfect for robots and other gizmos. For an expirament, I made a little keychain flashlight out of the plastic a couple of batteries and a white LED and it turned out pretty good. My hopes is to make some cool robot parts out of the stuff. I bought a bag of it on ebay for about $10.

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