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Happy Resurrection Sunday!

At work, one of the crazy things they had me do was to contact a silicone bracelet company and have 200,000 bracelets made. Yes, 200k bracelets! It came out to almost $29k dollars or about 14 or 15 cents each. It had the JCPenny new slogan on them. They looked nice. The bracelets were sent out to all the employees. I really can't imagine most adults wanting to wear silicone braclets anymore, but it was fun seeing one of the VPs on a broadcast wearing the bracelet that I had a hand in creating.

One of my wisdom teeth went crazy one late Saturday night. I checked around and it was astounding to me that not a single Dentist was open on Sunday in the Dallas Area for a dental emergancy. We even called 1800Dentists and they didn't have one to recommend at all. I was a little scared because we don't have insurance and I guessed it would get very expensive espeically if they knew I was a dental emergancy! I called my dad about it and he suggested that we go to Mexico! Wow! So my mom and dad and my wife and 2 daughters rented a SUV and went to Mexico for the weekend. We got there and crossed the border into Progresso Mexico. There's like a dentist office every where you look. There's even people bugging you on the street asking you if you need dental work! There's billboards all around advertising dental services. Most of the dentists have their prices on the front window! I was not expecting that! So anyway I got some work done and my wife got some work done. It cost us about $120 each. We walked around the streets some. Two little Mexican girls came up to my daughter and asked her if she wanted a bracelet for a dollar. My mom said she could probably talk them down but just went ahead and gave them a dollar. Ther were old men selling a gallon bag of diced cactus! My dad told me that you can bread them and fry them and eat them like okra. We went by a tortilla shop where they made the tortillas right there. I asked them how much and they said/asked three in sort of a broken English. I gave them three dollars. I figured I would get a little stack of fresh tortillas. She brought out a grocery bag and started loading me up with tortillas! Yikes! I'm not sure how many she gave me but it was like 300 or so I'm guessing! Much more than we needed or wanted! On the way home we stopped at a grocery store and bought some cinnamon cream cheese and spread them on the tortillas. We also had quesadillas and such we we got back. My daughter wanted a silver necklace. They told her $12 and my wife said no. They they said $6 and my wife said $4. They said $5 and so she said $4 again. They didn't want to take $4. They came and asked me and I told them here's $4, if he doesn't take it, then let's go. He took it but he seemed very reluctant. I figure the necklace was probably worth even less than that but it was an interesting experience. It was sort of fun and painful all at the same time. There was this one big fat woman begging for coins with a styrofoam cup. There were lots of guys selling jewelry and purses such. Some stores were rediculously cheap and others were about what you would pay or more in the US. In a little grocery store they had marshmellows that were like 4 inches in diameter! Wow! When I got back I looked on the internet to find out what average US dental costs are for the work we had done and it was about $2400 worth of dental work so I think we did ok. It was quite an experience to see just how different people lived just on the other side of the border.

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