24 Aug 2006 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

A guy here at work is into pipe organs. He found out that I know how to program and now he's trying to rope me into helping him with the controller. The controller is an Opus Two controller. It has a controller board which does midi and has a smart media card to store instructions, output boards (for controlling the pipes), and input boards (for reading the keyboard and stops), etc. He does most of the work for theaters but also does work for some churches. It all seems interesting but my time is short and to take on another project would just bust me I think. My wife wasn't too keen on it either as she has lots of honey-dos. I have my own hobbies too and not really wanting to take on someone else's hobby. I kind of feel torn because this guy is sort of my mentor right now at work and I don't want to tick him off. Anyway, he wants me to do all this work for free which is another turn off. So, I told him I can't do much right now and left it at that. He sort of gave me the dead-pan stare like I left him out to dry. Oh well

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