11 Aug 2006 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

I guess I again have gotten to busy to write. Apologies to myself and others who care. :-)

Hey! I got a new job! Yea! I'm working for JC Penney's in their Meeting Services group! Basically, I'm an A/V Tech guy helping with setting up computers and big screen plasma monitors and making sure everything is working. JC Penny's in Plano Texas has a huge campus of 8 connected buildings each having 3 floors and there's a lower level basement thing too. It's a lot of walking and pushing stuff, but the exercise is good for me! I pretty much like it a lot. The work is fairly easy, the people are really friendly, the building is beautiful inside, etc. I guess I haven't been introduced to the politics yet, so all is great! The only downside is the insurance that was promised turned out to be bad. Instead of being hired by JCPenney's I'm hired through a temp agency, and that leaves a lot to be desired. I'm hoping I'll get hired on relatively soon, but until then I'll be paying huge insurance premiums so my daughter's insurance doesn't lapse. I looked and some insurance quotes online and they're pretty high! So basically, I'll just be working to pay for the insurance only until I can get hired.

I've been selling lots more stuff on ebay! I've been able to make some decent money so that has been supplementing my income. Only drawback is that it takes a lot of quality time to do it which I don't have much of anymore.

I keep hoping I can participate on robots.net. I'm trying to keep my hopes up that I can. I'll try to do what I can. Sorry again that I've been absent through all of these life changes!

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