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Well, I've been making RBSs still and selling them on ebay. I've tried painting them, but I'm not sure I like the way they come out. I started work on another granfather clock. This is the one that the computer I spoke of before will be added to. I'm not really happy with the elevator system, but I guess it's ok. It sort of warbles a little. The clock face back I made from a thin piece of clear plastic sprayed with frost paint. I sort of messed it up and so I decided to scratch it up, and the texture came out cooler than if it were plain! I really like it! I made the clock hands a nice metalic blue against the white frost backface, it looks kinda cool.

I had a guy in England email me to comission 3 RBSs. I gave him a quote and haven't heard back from him. Probably because the shipping would be $50 a box for 3 boxes!!! Yikes it's expensive to ship overseas.

While working on the Grandfather clock and messing with the analog hands, I thought it would be better to make a digital display for the clock instead. So I looked into making a dot matrix type LED display. I figured out I could fire up 6 5x7 led blocks with one 16f877a pic chip! So I made a PC board and hobbled together some software based on my scheduler code, and incorporated the i2c stuff and came up with a 6 character LED module! It looks pretty cool. You can see it here. (you'll also get to hear some VBS background music on the video that my daughters and I made a few years ago for fun!) The code has one process that updates the display constantly, one process that parses incoming data from a buffer, an i2c interrupt that fills a buffer, and various functions for doing all the commands that get parsed, two fonts one regular and one narrow, and not to mention all the scheduler code stuff. I managed to get it all hobbled together fairly quickly (in a few days?) since I already had a lot of the things made for other projects, I just had to gather them and dump them all into this soup mix. I'm fairly happy that I got it initially working so quickly. So I got to thinking, I went through all this work to make myself an LED module for my RBSs, I wonder if anyone might want to buy one also. So I'll probably test it some more and then put it on ebay to see if it will sell. I haven't seen anything like it around, so it may be something someone might want. I'll probably try to list them around $50 and see if it goes. If not, I'll just use it for an RBS so no biggie if it doesn't sell. For the board, I made it fairly versitile where I could add 9600 baud serial to it later since many people would rather have one with rs232 than i2c. So, there's a header block for the serial, but the programming for it's not done yet. Also, I've added other things, such as address selection, and such, but that's not programmed either. I made the i2c incoming data protocol as if it were receiving serial commands so it'll be easy to adapt the parsing routines to either i2c or serial. It'll just take the text out of the same buffer and parse it. Anyway, it's good and bright and very slick. I'm very happy with it. I'll probably try to make it more fool proof and put a watchdog timer and such in it to try to make it as bulletproof as possible. Anyway, I've been having fun playing with it.

Hey, we might have a new dog! The dog was hanging around our garage and it looked pretty hungry. It was very friendly so when I reached down to pet it, I could feel the poor things ribs really bad. Like anarexic! So I got a couple of bowls out for it, one with water, and another with some old oatmeal cookies we had and the dog just wolfed them down. Well, me and my daughters sat outside for a while and played with it. Of course by then, we tried to get inside, but the dog kept trying to go with us. Finally, we sat out a box with one side cut out and put a towel in it for a bed and it's crazy, but the dog went right in and laid down. So the next morning, we came out, and there was the dog in its bed and happy to see us. Like we couldn't get rid of it cause it found someone who would feed it. So we sort of adopted it or it adopted us. Well, my daughters have been begging for a puppy forever but my wife was the hard one to convince. We decided to fence off the kitchen and keep it there. I mean, this puppy, is really something. It rarely ever barks. It waits to go outside every morning before pooping and tinkling. When we go outside, it rarely goes beyond 20 feet away and is usually so close you're tripping over it. You call it to come back inside, and it does farily easily. When inside, it plays with you when you're around, and is fairly peaceful when you're not. It's like this thing is totally trained to be good. I'm totally shocked. It's really unbelievable. Well, we went to the neighbors around and talked to them about it, but no one knows anything about it. So, we've had it about a week so I guess it's ours now. We named her Scamper Germany Brown. You can see a picture of her here.

At church, we've started having an electric guitar and a bass guitar on stage with the piano and organ. That's really a big step for our church. So far none of the "keen-agers" have said anything negative and for the most part all I've heard is good things. It's been a lot of work. I've been helping them learn the songs for a couple of hours on Monday, and then we meet an hour early on Sunday to go through the songs again. On Sundays, we've had some funny technical things. The first sunday, the sound guy thought there was something wrong with the sound so he brought the guitars down to almost zero volume. Then the next sunday he wasn't there, we left the sound up and it sounded great. The next sunday he wasn't there either, but our youth minister went upstairs and inadvertantly turned them down. I just don't get it. Everyone seems to love it, but we can't get the sound system to let them play!

Since I'm the music minister, I'm sort of in charge of the sound system. Well, I've been wanting to get a new wireless lapel mic for our preacher because our current one is old, it's the old FM type, and it makes rudes noises every once in a while. The new one however, which is UHF and has many newer features, costs $399. So we've been sort of begging for money from the congregation for a couple of years now and we have a "microphone fund" so if anyone wants to designate a donation, we're ready to accept it! :-) Well, anyway, some wonderful soul at church donated like $600 to that fund, and in business meeting it was approved to go ahead and purchase it! Wow, that was cool! So now, I just have to go get it! I know it sounds silly, but I'm really glad and happy about that! It's like a ray of sunshine!

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