10 Mar 2006 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

Well, I got another beep on my cell phone this morning. I got an order for about 15 or so more RBSs from the same guy that bought all my inventory yesterday! It's for $2335! He paid $1000 now and he'll pay the rest when I'm done! Very cool!

Last night I bought the stuff to make a computerized clock RBS. I found a nice pic computer board for $40 that has a 40 pin 16f877a pic, 2 line LCD display, 4 digit LED display, Real Time clock, extra 256 btyes 8 pin dip eeprom, buttons, buzzer, 3 analog, and several more I/O for my motors and sensors. However, it may be about a month before I can get to it since I need to make the RBSs that were ordered!

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