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Well, I took the plunge and opened my swirling brain store on ebay. They give you 30 days free so I thought I'd try it for 30 days and if it didn't work out, I'd just close it before the free trial ran out. Also, there's some sort of contest where if you make the best store you get free tickets to Las Vegas. I know that's a long shot, and I don't buy lottery tickets because I know they're a sure thing for losing. But, hey, if I'm openeing the store anyway, might as well enter the contest too. Like who knows! So anyway, I got all my inventory: The Grandfather Clock, the new 4' ball trail, some little ball trails and such and listed them on ebay using the inventory format. The cool thing about the inventory format is that it costs only like 3 cents to list an item for 30 days. The only catch is that they charge you a hefty fee at the end. Another catch is customers can bid, they can only do buy-it-now, but they can do offers, which is almost as good as bidding, right? So, I got my store created and listed some of the items. After about 3 days I was already discouraged because there was a lot less page hits and watchers than regular items. Then this morning my phone kept beeping. I have some of my ebay messages forwarded to my cell phone. I got up and looked at it and saw, "instant payment received!" Woo hoo. So I ran to my computer and it was for $2425! That's the biggest RBS sell I've ever had! The guy owns a company in Korea and he's emailed me a few times but he never did buy anything until now! Now paypal took $94 in fees. I cringe to see what ebay will take in fees but I think it's going to be like 5% which would be another $121 or so. But hey, that would still be like $2200 I didn't have before! That's cool! So anyway I called my wife at work and I called my dad and you know today I'm going to be all happy and stuff. :-) Praise the Lord!

We've been overrun with fruit flies. Teresa bought some tangerines and I guess the fruit flies came in with them. We put up that sticky fly paper and we tried to get rid of anything we thought they would eat. We did find some old ripe bananas that they found. Yuk. So Harbor Frieght had a sale on handheld bug zappers for $2.50 each! So I bought two! Two D cell batteries power this thing and it has big bold red stickers that say don't touch the grid when you push the button and not for children nonsense! It's like I have this urge to stick my tounge to it (not really). Anyway, you pass this thing over a fruit fly, and there's this BIG spark and a loud "crack!" Sometimes they sizzle, but most times it's a cool loud lightning pop! Wow, this thing is like major fun! Ok, yeah, I get my jollies from weird things! So at first I was catching fruit flies left and right, pop, pop, pop, pop, and so was my wife! We were swinging these things all over the kitchen and really getting after it! Wow, what addictive fun! Now, we still have a couple of fruit flies, but this electric fly swatter thing has really done the trick! It's like, let's go buy some more tangerines so we can have some more electric fun!

Released the RoboMenu widget today! Woohoo!

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