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I got my ROBOT magazine yesterday. While I was browsing, I came across this statement: "For ongoing robotics news updates, please visit robots.net. Selected news updates prepated by robots.net are excerpted in ROBOT with permission of robots.net." Woohoo, cool, way to go Steve!!! Robots.net is famous and in yet another publication!!! How many does that make now?

Recently, I got a call from an old work buddy. What was cool was he said that after I left the old company for more money that he's still been working there and what's more he'd gotten saved. I was so happy to hear that about him since I hadn't had contact with him in years. Well, anyway he said also that just recently he'd surrendered to the ministry too! That really made my day. So anyway, he said he was interested in my view of Escatology so he wanted to ask me a few questions. That's one of my favorite subjects so you can imagine the fun I was having on the phone with my old work buddy. So, anyway, we hung up and I sent him some emails that I promised. Next thing is he emails me asking if I'd be interested to work with them again. I've been without a job so long I almost had a heart attack! (not really) So I emailed back that I would be interested. Well, it's been several days now and I haven't heard back from him but I still have my hopes up. The company was Hematronix, but they got bought out by Biorad. What's cool is it looks like some of the cool code I wrote to do slick looking blood cell charting is still in use nearly 12 years later! I'd probably be going back and updating some of that same old code or doing something similar as before I'm guessing. The more days that go by the more I'm doubting they're wanting to re-hire me. I guess I'm losing faith, but it was good to hear from my old work buddy and what a blast from the past.

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