7 Nov 2005 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

Today, Steve posted the new Emergent Behavior comic strip! I'm very excited. I hope everyone likes it. I've made about 40 strips so far and they'll be posted about once every other day. I'm having fun with it! Sometimes I get a little silly with it but I do try to bring it back to the issues surrounding Robotics R&D now and then. Hopefully, robot builders can relate and get all my weird robotic humor!

I got a job today! Eric called me with a part time computer job that pays an OK amount an hour! I'm hyped! Perhaps with all my odd jobs: the rolling ball sculptures, robots.net, the webpages I update, and this part time job, I can make an adventurous, unusual and unique living! I'm encouraged. Thanks Eric and thanks to God!

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