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Well the craft show was a bust. We made $75 of which the booth was $50 so we netted about $25! I was hoping for something like the $1000 range but I guess that was very wishful thinking. The GHS craft fair had construction going on and the signs were tiny so there just wasn't any foot traffic. All the vendors said that this was the worst show that they've ever seen. I'm guessing I just had a really bad first try at it. I'm going to try again this Saturday at the First United Methodist Church Bazaar. They said they advertised on a bunch of radio stations and a few newspapers. They estimated about 300 people. I thought that sounded a lot better! So hopefully, I'll have better news next time I post.

Here's some pics from the craft fair.

I sold a ball trail on ebay for $250! woo hoo. I figure if I can sell on ebay and also at some craft shows and perhaps one or two more venues, then this might actually turn into something that makes some money! Here's hoping!

I gave up on the foot stamp deal. They were making me sign contracts saying I would do community service and that I had to get in 40 hours a week of stuff, and lots of other hoops, etc. just for a measly $350 a month food stamps. I feel sorry for the people who only got $150 and still have to do all that. The class I was forced to go to had only 2 people from the previous week, the rest had already dropped out. Of our 20 or so people, the second day only 5 were left. The gov sure forces you off the program without any real help. Anyway, I'm really hoping the job market really is turning around.

We watched "Fiddler on the Roof". It wasn't at all like I remember it from my youth. Anyway, it was interesting to see it and the extra features all 70's-ish stuff.

Got a few garage door openers with the keypad code that you can install outside for walk up entrance. I got 5 for $25 off ebay, which one costs about $30 at home depot. I installed one on the wall outside the garage. One I put in Teresa's car and one in my dad's pickup. You still have to enter a code but at least it works for a cheap remote. The added bonus is that even if someone broke into my car they'd still have to know the code to get into my house. Anyway, never did I realize that these things would be such a hit. Both Natalie and Bethany leap from the car when it stops to punch in the code to open the garage door. They fight over who gets to enter the code. It's crazy what kids get excited about. My wife loves the thing too. Me, I'm just sort of glad I can open the garage door but that's about it, it doesn't do much for me other than being a kind of necessity thing. Like a scored a few points with the family over something so trival. I wish throughout my life that I had a book or a list that would tell me these cheap yet so wanted of things that would make the family so happy so I could do it more often. For me, I just stumble aimlessly upon them and smile when it works out.

We're sort of behing on remodeling the fellowship hall at my church. These next couple of weeks us guys have been asked to work as much as possible. It always happens that when I'm under the gun that other things such as the craft show and also a wedding video all hit at once.

Yep, I have a wedding video to do on Saturday. I had all but said I'd never do it again, but this lady is someone that Teresa works with and she agreed that I would do it without asking me. I would have said no, but since it's my wife and since she already got $100 out of it, there's not much I can do to get out of it. So I'll be doing the craft show in the morning until about 5pm then packing up as fast as I can so that we can get to the church by 7pm for the wedding video. ugg.

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