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Teresa's father died Saturday. We've been dealing with that these past few days. She's been pretty broken up about it. I've been just trying to keep her talking and thinking foldly of her dad because when she stops she falls into deep depression and crying. Anyway, Teresa's mom said she may give us the old work pickup!

I still don't have a job yet. Although, several friends and relatives have tried their best to get me one (me included).

Sold a ball trail! Woo hoo! I'm looking forward to the craft fair at the end of the month where hopefully I'll sell a bunch more of my rolling ball sculptures.

I turned in my paperwork for food stamps. So far it has taken about a couple of months to get this help. I really exhaustingly long process. I'm convinced the whole process is designed to prevent people from getting any help when they need it. I'm sure terminating the help will go a lot quicker.

We got approved for CHIP insurance. However there again we have to fill out forms and turn them in and maybe we'll get coverage by Nov 1st. It has taken Months! unbelieveable. Again, I'm sure terminating the coverage will go a lot quicker. Good news is that name brand drugs will only cost us $5 on top of the $25 a month premium. For Bethany's Pulmozyme, which costs around $2000 we'll get for $5! For Tobi (aerosol tobramycin) which is around $2500 we'll get for $5! For the Creon which runs about $1 a pill which she takes 15 a day we'll get a 30 day supply (~$500) for like $5. woohoo!

Teldrug sent us Pulmozyme and Tobi when we weren't here. Teldrug is supposed to call first and notify us it's coming because it comes with cold packs to keep it from going bad. Well, they didn't call us and sent it on a Friday and when UPS redelivered on Monday the ice packs had already melted and ruined all of these 90 day supplies of medicine worth about $15,000! We called Teldrug and they were good enough to admit it was their fault and sent us another shipment! Wow! I wonder if someone lost their job over that one?

I've been watching rental DVDs of the Battlestar Galactica Season one. They're pretty good and I'm really enjoying it. Only I'm almost through and it'll be a while before I get to watch the next season.

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