16 Aug 2005 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

Well, I went and did it. I signed up for a booth at a local arts and crafts fair to sell rolling ball sculptures. The booth fee was $50 and I needed to have a Federal Tax ID. So, I went down to the state comptroller's office and got one. So now officially The Swirling Brain is my official company. So anyway I've been making a bunch of small ball trails and listed some on ebay. Two of the the three I've listed already have bids. I have a few others made up already. I'm hoping that within a couple of months I can have a gob of them made up to show at the booth.

At church I've been helping out with sheet rocking the fellowship hall. It's a big project. Since I've been out of a job I've been able to put time into it. The Youth Minister and myself have been a pretty good team. He holds the sheet rock in place and I screw it in, or vice versa. I've taught him all I know about sheet rocking and now he seems to have enough confidence to do it without me. Sometimes I'll arrive and he'll already have a sheet on the wall up and screwed! He's really gung ho about it and excited to have learned something new.

With my recent playing around with PIC chips again, my mind has been swirling on what all I can make with them. However, with all my current projects, it's sort of getting pushed to the back burner. :-(

My finances are really going downhill quick. Still no luck finding a decent job. I guess I'll have to learn how to say, "you want fries with that?" if something doesn't present itself soon. I'm really hoping my new metal sculpture business will help some.

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