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I went to Church camp last week. It was a blast. I think as a whole all of the teen group are closer to God and each other. I took gobs of pictures which I'll try to assemble and make a slideshow DVD so we can show it Sunday night at church. Also, I took a bunch of pictures with my 3D camera. Most of those turned out great! I'm trying to convert them to red/blue type 3D so they'll be easier to see than trying to cross your eyes sort of thing.

This week I also went to Tanner's Electronics and bought a bunch of stuff to build an electronic analog clock. I finished the electronics part this afternoon. It's running on a pic16f84a with a uln2803a driving two stepper motors and it also has two buttons. One stepper motor runs the clock second hand, although I probably won't display a second hand only a minute hand and hour hand by gearing off the second hand. The other stepper will run the elevator for marbles. Hopefully it will be able to drop a marble down a track once an hour. I'll try to build the gears and the ball sculpture all out of copper wire. I'm hoping this will be a cool clock and rolling ball sculpture. One button allows someone to advance the time. The advance rotates slowly at first then slowly speeds up the longer you hold it. The other button will be at the bottom to detect when a marble reaches the bottom and will turn on the elevator for about 16 seconds and shut off so the marble will make it back to the top and wait for the next hour to be released again. I put all the electronics in a nice little black project case and so far the electronics part looks great.

Still don't have a job yet, but I'm not trying that hard either. I guess I should but I'm having too much fun with making and selling rolling ball sculptures. Although, they've sort of slowed selling lately. I'm not sure why. I figure as it gets closer to Christmas and people go back to buying frienzie mode I sell a lot more. Summer's probably a slow selling time for a lot of things. The grandfather clock rolling ball sculpture hasn't sold yet and right now it's listed for about half of what I first listed it for. I've been getting a lot of emails about it, so I figure it'll probably sell at the price it's at now. Here's hoping anyway, nothing's for sure.

Our church has begun a remodel. I've tried to help a few hours here and there. This first phase is the demolition and it's going rather well. I'm really surprised there's so many church members actually showing up and doing work!

Hopefully, I can get back to posting on robots.net really soon.

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