17 Jul 2005 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

I'm going to Bogg Springs Arkansas church teen camp with the teens this week (Monday - Friday). Yes, I'm 40, but going with the teens makes me feel young. So anyway I won't be around next week to post any articles so steve will be the only posting for the next few days. See yall next week and pray for us that there will be lots saved and lots rededicated!

I've sort of given up on the job search for now. I guess I've been too bummed after leaving my last job. Instead I've been making and selling ball trails on ebay. I do have a few ball trails listed on ebay right now. My userid is swirlingbrain on ebay so search for them and check them out if you get a chance and perhaps buy one if you want. I checked out going to the cottonwood festival here in Richardson to show my ball trails, but they stopped taking applications July 1st so I missed out for this time. Even if I did try they have a non-refundable $30 application fee and also a $300 booth fee if they approve your application. Of which they get like 800 applications and only approve about 100 of them so chances would be pretty good I'd lose my $30. I'll probably go to the festival and check it out to see if I feel I'm up to snuff for their next show in May. I think I'd sell a bunch of ball trails if they'd have me. It's fun to dream anyway.

See yall in about a week!

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