1 Jun 2005 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

I've been working on the grandfather clock project. I found one handmade clock on ebay that used a spring technique for making the gears. It's pretty cool, so I made all of the gears that way (actually the gears are only partly done so far). The trouble I've been having is getting escapement gear to work properly. It does the tick- tock thing, but it binds in one place and stops at that place every time. I need to redo the bushings so it won't stop at that place. So after I get that prefected, then I'll go on to assembling the gear box. Several times I've wanted to give up and just get a cheapo AA clock movement. I really want to get this working so I'm trying to be tenancious. It's quite a learning experience, and I'm enjoying it even if it has been a little frustraiting. I'm hoping to make it where it will drop a marble every hour down a ball trail to the bottom and thereby ringing a gong on the hour. My confidence that I can get it working is like a roller coaster, up and down, but mostly up.

Still havn't sold the flower vase ball trail but I'm hopeful it will sell eventually. I sold the Java Duke ball trail for $76! woo hoo! The Jesus Saves ball trail I'm trying an expirament of listing it for 99 cents and see how high the action goes. So far it's up to $10.50 but it has a few more days left. I'm hoping it will go on up to something more reasonable before it closes but expiraments involve a risk.

Big Red's head gasket is no further due to the rain and hot weather. I'll get to it hopefully. Not too excited about it.

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