3 May 2005 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

Well the ball trail didn't sell at first, but I relisted it and it sold! I've already started on another one that looks like a vase of roses. Of course all sort of cool RBS ideas are popping into my head. It's fun to get excited about something again. My wife is excited about the money so she hasn't been too negative about it. The kids like to play with the RBSs so they seem to be getting into it too. I have plans to use electronics and motors and such so it sort of lines up with robotic tenancies.

Been working on the termite problem. I've channelled around part of my house. I'm pleased as It seems to be working, but I still have a lot to do. It's certainly slowing them down. My wife seems happy that they quit coming into her bathroom! I can only dig about 10 or 20 feet before I get tired. I have a lot of earthworms appear when I dig. (I like earthworms) However when I poured in the chemical into the channel, the earthworms come out and they are bright red then they die. Poor earthworms. :-( I try to save them when I can and transplant them elsewhere. What has slowed my progress is holly bushes. I really don't like them and have tried to get rid of them many times. I have pretty Japanese Boxwood shrubs in front of them so you can't see the holly anymore but they're menancing behind keeping me from digging. I've tried to kill them with roundup with no success. I have a lopper now and have been trying to remove the holly bushes branch by branch. When I removed one bush I found a whole bunch of termites trying to enter my house which I immediately sprayed. die, die, die!

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