19 Apr 2005 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

I had a surprise 40th birthday party! I went golfing that morning with some of the guys from church and when we got back to the church, I walked in and the lights were off, and cameras started flashing at me, and people were yelling surprise, wow! They got me, I hadn't a clue. My wife already had done a nice party day on the saturday before, so this surprise party was certainly a surprise! It was fun to see so many wonderful faces!

Well, my Isuzu Trooper is up and running again! The tune up fixed it. Apparently there was a broken spark plug wire that was making it run rough. There's still a slow leak in the radiator. I'll try to get to that before long.

Well, I created another Ball Trail (aka Rolling Ball Sculpture) and listed it on ebay. I hope it sells.

Got to eat lunch with Eric Yundt today, we had a good time chatting and eating at Dickey's BBQ. Our time is always too short. :-/

Trying to battle the termites again. It's termite season. I have some chemical where I dig a channel around the house and pour. It's supposed to do it. Hopefully, I can get to it before long. ePestSupply is in Garland near my dad's house.

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