7 Apr 2005 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

Well, I created my first metal ball trail. It a modest sized ball trail that hangs on the wall. I looked around on the internet and everyone's calling ball trails "Rolling Ball Sculptures" or "RBS" for short, so I guess I'll have to start calling them RBS's. Well, so anyway it looks and works pretty good and I'm rather pleased with it. The kids love it and they don't want to give it up.

So anyway, I listed the newly created RBS on ebay. Sure enough, it sold for $200. Maybe I have started a new business! So I'll try to make some more and see how it goes. I'm excited! I'm trying not to get my hopes too high, but it's fun, and it makes some money so maybe I'll ride it for a while and it'll pay off some bills!

I already started making another RBS. This time I will be making it out of copper wire. I've started creating a chain out of the wire for making a elevator for hoisting the ball to the top. So far it looks good. Hopefully, I can complete it quickly and sell it on ebay too. My wife even offered to help me with them! I think she sees dollar signs and the possibility of going back to disney world sooner if she helps.

My daughter had to go back into surgery because her arm didn't heal right. However, this time she will get the pink cast that she wants.

My Isuzu Trooper's engine died last week so I've been driving my dad's truck to work. I found out it was just a simple heater water hose that needed to be replaced. A 5 min job, right? No, that hose clamp was way behind the engine and my hand could just barely squeeze back there with a little 1" long screwdriver. It probably took an hour and a half. Why does any 5 min car repair job always have one cantankerous screw that makes the job take an hour and half. ugg. Anyway, it's back up and running. However, I think I ruined a spark plug wire in the process because it's running really rough now. So I'll probably have to give it a tune up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor) to see if that helps it run smooth again.

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