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Well, we went to disney world. That was exciting! We blinked and the trip was over too quickly - All we have are photos and the bills to show for it. It's a good thing we took a bunch of pics with the digital camera. Best trip ever! Six days of pure bliss! Disney has a bunch of robotics, and retro-robotics so it was cool. Loved it, had fun, been there, done that, want to go back.

Well, my dad, mom and I decided to forget the Wedding Video business. Although we did make some serious cash with it, it's just too much work. Not really sad to see it go. We had one call just a few days ago from a Catholic lady wanting us to film a 5 hour (possibly up to 10 hour) wedding. No thanks! So long wedding video hearts.

Well, Ball Trail time again. I used to make ball trails a long time ago out of Bass wood. Well, I was walking through Michaels Craft store with the wife and kids and just a glance at some craft wire made me want to try to make one out of wire. Well I bought some wire and some marbles and with a little soldering iron, had a small wire ball train up and going in no time. So now, my quest is to try to make a serious one about 2 foot tall out of copper wire. If it turns out nice, I may try to sell it on ebay and perhaps make more if it sells. If it doesn't sell, well, it'll be a nice presant for my sister's birthday. :-) I'm thinking of selling it mininum $200 and hoping to get $500 or $1000. Well, we'll see. If nothing else, it'll be fun. The first one will just be static where you have to place the ball on top to start it. If it sells, I may start making them with a motor and an elevator so it'll just run itself. Possibly with IR sensors so it can turn the elevator on and off when it needs to. Here's hoping.

We bought the Incredibles movie. What a blast. The kids have been watching it non-stop since we got back from vacation! Can't wait for a sequel.

We bought a Gameboy Advance before vacation. I got the cheap one with LCD screen. I got 4 games, Finding Nemo, Cartoon Network go cart, Jr's Monkey Ball, and The Incredibles. The games are all sort of Jr. High level. However, it really surprises me that the whole family is so addicted to this thing. I bought a few more games that will come in the mail off of ebay and a light to help the screen a little. We're having loads of fun with it. I really didn't expect it would be such a hit. I guess I should have bought an xbox to really see what could happen! I guess I could justify it with the DDR would be great exercise bit. Yeah that's it.

Did I mention that even after my VBS in 3D proposal and everyone being real into it, our church decided to cancel VBS this year. Yeah, that was a real downer. Oh well I didn't really have time for it anyway.

My big 40th birthday is coming up next month. Yikes!

My youngest daughter broke her arm. She had to have surgery to straighten it out. Bummer. Very surprisingly we were only in the ER for a few hours rather than days.

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