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It's time again for the Great Strides Walk to Cure CF. Please help out if you can.

Last week I worked on upgrading the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas website. It's now on Drupal and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. My hope is that it's now easy enough to update content that Bro. Reed, who doesn't know html or web coding should now be able to update the site. If not, it'll at least be easier on me on his newphew Justin. I think the site looks much better and less dated now.

I worked on playing with Open GL 3d code engine for my Android Phone. I love my android phone. The 3d code still has a problem with image textures. I can't figure it out. Most everything else I want is working, though. When I have time I'll try to figure it out. My phone has Cyanogenmod 5.0.7-Test5 loaded on it. It's a version of Android 2.1 for the MyTouch 3G phone. It's sweet! I really like having version 2.1 over 1.6 of the Android OS. It's much better. Cyanogenmod for 2.1 is just about as fast if not faster than the 1.6 also.

Roger gave me a payment for the yGED program. Thanks Roger. It was very unexpected because he already paid me for that. It was a pleasant surprise!

I've been churning out a Rolling Ball Sculpture about 1 or 2 a month. This last month a sculpture went really cheap. I was disappointed about that. After that though, so far I've had four different people email me asking if I had anything for sale. I don't do commissioned work anymore and and I don't have anything for sale but I'm working on it. Anyway, I'm not sure if they emailed me because they hope to get a sculpture for cheap too or that they really just want a sculpture? Anyway, I'm working on a 19" wall hanging sculpture with at least two tracks. I won't start the bidding at 99 cents, I'll start it for about $150 or so. I guess we'll find out if these would-be bidders are serious or not. ;-)

I'm becoming the Regex King. Wow, my brain hurts. Regexes are probably ok for one liners but when you have to make a regex that's about a paragraph long. It's very painful and I don't think it should be used anymore. Now imagine a regex that's about one or two pages. Yeah. ugg. It's torture. I've learned a lot, though.

I've learned that once you work somewhere at least 3 years that people rely on you probably more than they should. To the point where even on weekends, the middle of the night and on vacations you get the weirdest calls about something that's extremely important and has to be handled right now along with other tasks that also have to be handled right now. Like these calls couldn't wait until 8am? These are tasks they couldn't warn you about a month previous when it wasn't an urgency. Now that it's five minutes from being due and they need something done that will take at least a week to do. And, guess who's the only one they want to do it? Yep, it looks a lot like me? Guess who gets the credit for it not getting done on time? Yep, that person looks a lot like me too. Yep, I've been trying to push back and ask ahead of time if something needs to be done soon and remind them how many days something takes and how much work it is and how I had working late and on evenings like they get to go home on time but I don't. Guess what still happens? I guess I have that "Kick me" type note permanently tattooed to my forehead or something. Yesterday, I was back sitting at my desk trying to figure out how I can get something done right away, after being grilled and handed my tail on a plate for not having something done right away and in the special way they need or want it done, in which another guy and myself are just helping out on this other project because the original guy didn't do his job on time in the first place. So while I'm sitting there trying to figure out how to be more efficient, another team plops down a bunch of work and says that they need it done right away. Now this is already after I have a couple of other tasks on on the backburner and on hold already. So to recap, I have a couple of other tasks on hold that need to be done right away, I'm getting yelled at for not getting something done right away that another guy should have done but didn't and being told I need to step it up, and then while I'm trying to engineer how to handle that and step it up I get interrupted with more work handed to me. OK, so after that I go to talk to the guy about the project that I get stopped in the hallway and asked to be thinking about yet another new project that needs a bunch of work done right away. Like no foolin? Really? I mean, really? No wait, freakin really? Yes, really! So, that's also besides what I'm already doing that in all of my multitude of "spare cycles" I'm supposed to be also now doing a bunch of other stuff? No, like really? Anyway, I got to go because I think I'm due for another meeting to be told that I'm not getting enough done. I wonder why?

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