20 Apr 2009 The Swirling Brain   » (Master)

This weekend I sold 4 rolling ball sculptures and a video! I haven’t gotten all the money yet but supposedly I will. I really won’t see any of the money anyway as my medical and credit card debt will eat it up but hopefully it’ll put a nice dent or at least a noticeable scratch into my debt. I sold a large sculpture ($800 but with free shipping), a medium sculpture ($156), a small sculpture ($48) and a video ($20) and then a lady wants me to commission a sculpture ($150) and I already have a bid on a small sculpture I have listed on ebay. Also, I’m half way through a 2’ wall hanging sculpture and half way through my volume 2 video. It has been a productive weekend. Anyway, this week I’ll be stressed trying to complete the commissioned sculpture by Friday because she wants it for her sons birthday in a couple of weeks. So I’m sort of stressed this week trying to get it all done.

I bought a 1TB hard drive this weekend. It was a Segate SATA 7200rpm with 32mb cache. I had $105 of birthday money and guess how much it cost? Yep, $105. I could have probably gotten a better deal on slickdeals.net but I got it Friday and was able to play with it all this weekend. The best thing was, I was able to install it, transfer everything from my old drive and boot up and go all without any grief. It’s really weird that any sort of computer maintenance heart surgery like that would go off without a hitch. I must have done something wrong! That easy going right there was worth the extra money I paid. I figured XP would complain that it was on a different drive but it didn’t and seems to be running happy on the new drive. I’m happy about that!

Anyway, I had a pleasant productive weekend.

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