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More of my rolling ball sculptures have been selling on ebay. I'm about $300 or $400 short of funding my vacation this year with RBSs and selling stuff in my garage on ebay. So for the most part I don't have to go into debt to go on vacation.

I had one person ask to commission a $1125 RBS but then only wanted to pay $500 for it. Usually when someone wants to commission an RBS they start pulling stupid negotiation goofiness on me like that to where I just about don't want to do commissioning of RBSs anymore. What's funny is how they email me and go on and on about how many millions I'll make and how they have it all figured out and then want to cut the price by more than half. I've seen it so many times I can sort of see it coming and I have a hard time trusing people when it comes to commissioning something. So my best bet is to just make them and list them on ebay. That way I pretty much don't have some nut bossing me and goofing me around. It's just I make them and they buy them or not. I like that way of doing things and so I'll probably turn down commissioning of RBSs. Unless someone can make it worth my while, it's just not worth it to me (does that sentence make sense?).

So far we're still going to First Baptist in Garland. We like it a lot and will probably join there. I keep hearing stuff through the grapevine about my old church and it doesn't sound good. It's sort of sad but we're glad we left when we did. It's never going to change and so the best bet is just to go somewhere where it's better.

We're all excited about going to Disneyland in California. My daughter Bethany is becoming a cute little actress and wants to see Hollywood. We'll also see California Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood. We'll probably also go to Long beach and up the Pacific Coast Highway to Redondo Beach and Santa Monica Beach, etc. We decided to fly instead of drive. I like that better because we'll have more time and we won't be worn out when we get there. We'll be staying at the Castle Inn. It's supposed to look like a castle on the outside and the inside will have suits of armor, shields and swords on the walls all sort of Medieval decked out. It's right across from Disney they say so hopefully we can just walk to the park.

Over a month and a half ago we put our boy and girl hedgehogs together hoping they would mate. Well, it's been enough time now and no babies so I guess it didn't happen. Boo hoo. Anyway, we may try it again after January. Natalie had already come up with names and was bouncing around saying we were going to have babies and on and on. Oh well. Spike, the boy hedgehog, was sweet with me the night before last. He climbed all over me and then got tired and just laid beside my leg as I watched TV. They're sort of like Grumpy and Happy all at the same time type of little pets. My mom said she would keep them while we were on vacation. I think she secretly likes them too. She always wants to see them when they come over.

So far my job is holding out. The product that I was doing tech support for is for the most part dead. We're still supporting it but it isn't going anywhere. We've been moved over to another project or two and that's been fun and I'm really getting into it. We got notice that the customer liked what we did and signed us up for another year! A few other customers have also purchased more. That's always good. Some things are sort of looking up and others down but it looks like we have a future at least now. I was worried for a while there that the company was just about to go under and now it looks like we still have a little lease on life. Good timing too with the way the economy is going.

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