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Yea, two of my rolling ball sculptures I listed I sold on ebay! The popsicle stick RBS didn't sell for much. I didn't expect it to. However it was just about 1 or 2 inches too big which made shipping cost about $10 more than expected so I lost even more money on it. I made about $20 on something that took me weeks to produce. shrug. The Christmas ornament didn't sell at all. Perhaps it's too early yet. The copper one sold for $75.99! The shipping will be more than I put and the copper is really expensive right now, so there again I probably made about $50 on it. It's not a fortune but at least it's something.

There's basically two kinds of people that look at an RBS: those that get it and those that don't. My boss came into my office and saw the sculpture and said "that looks like coat hangers" and didn't even care to pick up a marble and try it. A guy at one of the robot meetings saw one of my sculptures and said, "that's just ground wire" and was making fun of it and snearing at it. Then there's the other type that look at the sculptures and says stuff like, "that's so cool, how did you do that?" or "that's so awesome, can I do it?" or "I want one!" It's like you either get it or you don't. My boss asked me how much to make him one. I told him I sold it on ebay for $75 and he said that's about $70 more than he wanted to pay for it. Like wow, did he really think I sold them for $5 or is it that he's my boss and expects me to make him one for next to nothing. Shrug.

Anyway, I'm hoping to fund my vacation by selling these things and so far I've made near $100 toward my vacation. So now just about 30 or 40 more like that and I'll have enough. ugg. So you see, I probably can't fund the entire vacation with them but if it pays for a few souvenirs or extra dinners on my vacation fund that will be nice.

We went to Wylie First Baptist Church last Sunday. We really liked it. It's a really large church and their services are like a rock concert. It was quite a production. We actually liked it quite a lot. It was very flashy, the preaching was solid and the singing was good. A very worshipful experience in spite of the production.

We went to South Garland Baptist Church the previous Sunday. The sanctuary had an old people smell but it was a pretty good service also. We were quite impressed. It's a medium sized church and the people seem sincere.

We went to Northeast church. It was an independent church. It was very laid back with everyone wearing shorts and t-shirts and jeans. You could tell the visitors (like us) because they were dressed nicer than everyone else. The service was worshipful and generic. There were lots of kids/teens there - way more than I expected. They must have a great teen ministry. However the preaching got into baptism and works for salvation and losing your salvation which I believe to be incorrect theology so we won't be going back.

Anyway, the church hopping experience is new to us since we've been at Golden Meadows for so many years. We like not having any responsibility right now. It's a little liberating.

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